What Are the Health Benefits of Shiitake Mushrooms?

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Shiitake mushrooms are very powerful mushromms. They have a compound in it called eritadenine that's been shown to lower cholesterol and how it does that, it actually lowers the amount of circualting cholesterol in the body, and it actually also makes the blood vessel wall slippery to cholesterol so that the cholesterol doesn't adhere to the blood vessel wall and accumulate.

So Shiitake mushrooms are very readily available in all grocery stores. I tell patients to try to purchase them organically, and they're very easy to purchase in terms of fresh, you could buy them dried, and then what you do, what I always recommend is I love doing a quick sautee.

And so what I do is that I take off the stem, I chop them up and then I sautee them in some coconut oil with some garlic and I finish it off with some toasted sesame oil, and they're outstanding. And again a wonderful thing to add to your diet as food, as medicine, and they're very effective.