What Are the Health Benefits of Cremini Mushrooms?

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So Cremini Mushrooms have been used in Asian cultures for centuries to boost our immune system and prevent colds. The Cremini Mushrooms has a polysaccharide compound in it called Beta Glucan, and what that does is it actually stimulates our immune system, and it helps you fight off colds.

So what I recommend to my patience that if you feel a cold coming on I love soup or stews at that time and you basically can throw a half to one cup in a soup and you basically have a cup a day of that and it will stimulate your immune system so it will shorten the duration of that cold.

And the really interesting note of Cremini Mushrooms that most people don't know that their baby portobella mushrooms, so they're in the portobella family so you could find them in your local grocery stores as baby bellas or baby portobellas and again very easily cooked and if you how to cook portobella mushrooms you could again follow suit with the creminis.