Can Natural or Bioidentical Hormones Help Perimenopause Symptoms?

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Most women when they are going through a perimenopausal phase which most women don't even understand that perimenopause can even start at the age of 35 and all the way up. So some of those menstrual irregularities are mood changes or sleep changes can be because of perimenopause and so usually at that time, the first line of therapy I always try to do more than natural less invasive in terms of diet changes, lifestyle changes, exercise, all those things can help the liver metabolize your hormones and elevate them naturally, and then another course would be then the vital nutrients, like using again some other botanical but then again can help balance your hormones and then on top of that again the upper tier on that would be the Bioidentical Hormones, and absolutely, as a naturopath, I do prefer them over the synthetic hormones, because Bioidenticals are exactly what your body's producing and so it has the same chemical constituent, so it's not cancer reducing and it helps regulate your body's hormones as you want them to, so the aging process doesn't have to a horror and you could use these natural bioidentical with a peace of mind and help them alleviate any of these symptoms, especially osteoporosis, hot flashes keep disturbances and mood changes so I definitely would recommend that to my patient.