What Are Fucus Supplements?

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What are Fucus a lot of patients are asking that it's an odd word right? Well Fucus is actually seaweed the other name for it is bladderwrack and it's some thing that grows abundantly in the ocean and the beautiful about the ocean is that's actually where we come from in fact our blood stream and the ocean have a lot of similarities in terms of PH and some other components.

So sometimes when you want to heal the body and balance the body using things from the ocean like seaweed is wonderful. Fucus is a type of seaweed it's really excellent for thyroid function it has iodine in it and it also has a lot micronutrients that are wonderful to help heal the thyroid and also help the bones, help other organs that don't get certain micronutrients so overall Fucus and bladderwrack is a wonderful option for people.

I know most people get it when they eat sushi, but you can't find it in the stores, I recommend finding a version of it that comes from clean waters, and just have some everyday you could sprinkle it on salad you can make it in soups you can either directly and just try it and you'l probably find a boost to your energy, to your thyroid and just feeling good.