What Is Saturated Fat?

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So saturated fat is one of the three main types of fats, so you have carbs, protein and fat and within that family of fats, one of them is called saturated which there is a chemical explanation for it that most people probably don't care for it just has to do with the type of bonds that exist in the molecule, but you can think about it, as in terms of where those fats come from so saturated fats tend to be the fats that are solid at room temperature so when you think about butter lard, coconut oil that's saturated was when you think about oils like olive oil and peanut oil, those tend to be less saturated.

Now the other thing that I always keep in mind in this is that there's almost no food that has a type of fat in it, its just one, so even when you look at butter, it's 40% saturated but the other 60% is mono and poly unsaturated.