How Does Arthritis Affect the Knee Joint?

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You get arthritis in your body for two reasons, you either get it from a joint that moves excessively and is rubbing bone on bone and the synovial membrane start to break down because of that friction and inflammation happens, and the inflammation shuts the muscles down, it becomes a whole cycle, or you get arthritis because a joint is stuck. And if a joint is stuck, that synovial joint is not lubricating the synovium and the synovial membranes actually dry out. And when that happens, there's no longer friction free surfaces for the joints to move on, so as physical therapist what we're always looking at is, what's driving this arthritis. Is it, the foot is so stiff that you're not really moving around those 26 bones in the foot properly, that it's affecting up your knee, is it that your hip is so unstable and weak that there's a problem there, so you really, to adress arthritis, you have to look at what's going on in the whole system, the inflammation is a byproduct, okay?

And we want to manage, we say we're going to manage the boobo okay? You got bobo we're going to put bobo ice on it we're going to give the ice and get that inflammation down, but we really need to look further and find the root of the problem, mechanically why is your extremity not working properly. Is it coming from a weak core, is it coming from an unstable foot that's stuck, and then really addressing those issues to get to the bottom of it, so that you can start to heal and feel your best.