Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz -- What advice do you have for those looking to tap into their own intuition?

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Well, you need to know that you have five senses on the earth, and you have five intuitive senses. So, we don't really have six senses, I don't know where people got that from. Somebody probably made something up just to sell mugs or something, but we really have 10 senses, five on the earth and five intuitive.

So we have vision, we can have clairvoyance. We have hearing, auditory, we can have clairaudience, we can have body sense, clairsentience and smell and taste, clairtaste and clairsmell. People don't really know about that, but any way my point is that you have all these avenues for intuition, but you can also get intuition through your dreams, and you can get intuition through health, they call that medical intuition.

So your joints can tell you when you don't feel safe in the world, your gut can tell you when you're stressed out at work, your weight can go up when you're over burdened, and so there's so many ways in which your intuition can start to talk to you. You can use a journal each day and try to track your messages through symptoms or you can write down your dreams and try to find out what they're telling you but there are so many ways of accessing your intuition.