How Can I Tell If I'm a Passionate Eater?

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If you are a passionate eater you'll notice the following signs. You love food, you're probably an extrovert, you're a sensational seeker, you're the kind of person who likes try anything. When you're at a restaurant you always want to try the best thing on the menu, whatever that thing may be, you love new things, you love excitement, so for you the only pitfall is that if you're this passionate eater when those bad things are placed in front of you and they are new and they're decadet and you want that feeling.

That is your pitfall, so what you wanna do is you want to set yourself up for success. Here's how you do that, you actually get your indulgences, you get those needs for new sensation and diversity in what you eat all day long. So a modified Mediterranean diet for example, you're going to be having grilled salmon with a lot of flavors, so drizzle that olive oil on that salmon for lunch, and have the berries, and mix it up with walnuts for breakfast.

That way you're going to get the variety that you're craving, the sensation of doing this all day long and then if you want a little indulgence in the form of a flourless chocolate cake and that's okay too.