Do Adults with ADHD Have a Higher Chance of Drug or Alcohol Addiction?

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Many people want to know if taking adderall is going to make them more at risk for other addictive behaviors and the answer is yes and no. So the complicated relationship that adderal has to your behavior and also addiction is that if you have unmedicated true ADD ADHD and do not treat it, you may be more likely to find that medication that is temporarily giving you the dope mind/g opener for your need.

For example cigarettes, cocaine and other stimulants that are going to be giving you that feeling, that rush that you're needing. Some people may overdose on energy drinks, so if you have a true diagnosis and you're not being treated, not being treated for this disorder may make you more up to go into other addictive behaviors.

However, for a lot of people who do not have a true ADD ADHD diagnosis, taking adderall will absolutely increase the likelihood for you to engage in other risky and addictive bahaviors. Not only things like risky sex, shopping sprees but also setting you up for addiction to things like cocaine, speed, alcohol because there is a tolerance that develops with adderall and you need more and more of the drug to produce the same result.

And because your doctor will only give you so much at a time or if you're obtaining this illegally, you probably had a hard time finding this drug. You may find yourself needing yourself to go to illegal drugs. And that is why sometimes I see patients who are spiraling out of control with this drug, not only on adderall fueled days but then their days become fueled with other things like speed, crystal meth, ecstasy, alcohol all of those other street drugs that are even more addictive.

So be careful and talk to your healthcare professional about what it is you are needing. And if you are addicted to these drugs, also talk to your healthcare professional and be honest, because they can help to wean yourself off in ways that are going to help you to achieve success and sobriety in the long term.