Build Muscle Mass With This Protein

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I'm Dr. Clark with a tip to maximize your muscle tone. After a tough workout, reach for a glass of milk. No proteins are ideal for the muscle building process. In some studies, exercisers who drank milk gained six pounds of lean muscle mass in almost three months. A protein rich snack is ideal after strength training, but you have to remember not all proteins are created equal.

Proteins are made up of different amino acids. These differences can affect the way protein sources break down and how they're used to build muscle. If you're not a friend of diary you can still get muscle building benefit from other types of protein. The study found out soy milk drinkers also benefited from the protein boost.

For best results consume your protein 30 minutes before your workout and within two hours after your workout, and for more ways to most from your workouts, watch all our smart tips.