What Are the Warnings for L-Carnitine Supplements?

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L-Carnitine Supplements may or may not have been even beneficial. There's kind of controversial whether they were just kinda useless or thay actually had some benefits for athletic performance etc. But now, there's new research and the study is pretty shocking. My new research suggests that we really, particularly if this evidence is confirmed, we really should stay away from all Carnitine supplements and reduce our meat consumption because that's kinda a natural way, we can get that same Carnitine substance into our intestines, where we don't want it.

So what L-Carnitine does in our body, is it helps us produce energy. But in our gut, bacteria take that Carnitine which we want to use and transmute it into something else, something called trimethylamine, which are liver oxidised and there's something called TMAO and that's toxic stuff, what it does is it prevents our bodies from removing cholesterol from our arteries.

And so that can increase our risk of hardening the arteries, arteriosclerosis, which is the first stage of heart disease. Our number one killer of both men and women in this.