What Foods and Alcohol Interact With Zolpidem?

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When you're looking at alcohol and foods that could react with any sleep aid what we know is that generally speaking most foods don't interact with any of the sleeping pills, however alcohol, it doesn't just make an additive effect, it actually multiplies the effect of these pills, and don't forget, these pills are amnestic meaning you don't remember what you do, and they decrease your inner visions, just like alcohol decreases your inner visions.

So when you combine those two, you're going to say things that you normally wouldn't say, you're going to eat thing you normally wouldn't eat, and you're going to do things you normally wouldn't do. So the extent at which problems could occur when you mix alcohol with sleeping pills can be all the way to the point of death because of the respiratory depression.

Remember, some sleeping pills will decrease your respiratory drive and alcohol decreases your respiratory drive. When you add those two together, if for example you have emphysema or some type of lung disorder, it could spell disaster.