How Do I Know If I Am Suffering From Sleep Deprivation?

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Hi, I'm Dr. Michael Bruce, the sleep doctor. You can tell that you're suffering from sleep deprivation very easily, and here are three quick ways to know that you could be sleep deprived. Number one, are you awakening and hitting that snooze, over and over again? If you are, not waking up that is, feeling refreshed and having to hit the snooze, there's a good likelihood that you could be sleep deprived.

Number two, do you walk into your room and forget why you are there? Do you have a tendency to lose your keys quite a bit, memory is directly related to sleep deprivation so if you're not remembering things, you could be sleep deprived. The final thing is also pretty interesting, if you find that you fall asleep even before your head hit the pillow or under five minutes, that's a classic sign a sleep deprivation.

Remember everything you do, you do better with a good night sleep.