Can My Diet Affect My Sleep?

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Many people don't realize this but your diet absolutely can affect your sleep. There's now a studies to show that a small increase in carbohydrates in the later part of the evening can help you fall asleep, and we think that the reasoning behind this is that carbohydrates increase the level of serotonin in your brain, and remember serotonin is the calming hormone it helps sort of relax you and start to get you to sleep.

So a lot of people will make sure that they have a small starch with their meal that can help them sleep. Some of the foods that are great that you can eat before sleep that can help you with sleep are foods that are rich in omega-3, so we're looking at salmon, tuna, walnuts, things that have got all those great high fatty acids in them can really help with sleep overall there's been a lot of data to show that if your low in DHA it can actually affect your sleep negatively.

Things to avoid, be careful with caffeine. Most people don't realize this but caffeine has a half life of between eight and ten hours. So while many people say, I can have that latte or that cup of coffee with diner and I still fall asleep, you might still fall asleep but you don't get in to deep sleep.

Remember it's not just about the minutes of sleep but the quality of sleep that you're getting..