What Is a Gluten-Free Pasta Alternative?

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Don't worry if you have to give up gluten and wheat, you can still have pasta and there's some really exciting new types of pasta, some of them are actually ancient, like shirataki noodles which are made from this amazing Japanese root called glucomannan or konjac root. And this actually forms this really delicious noodles that have zero calories, a high fiber and they low your blood sugar unlike pasta, which raises your blood sugar.

You can also have cowpular[sp?] noodles and one of my favorites is spaghetti squash. You bake it and then you peel it off and it looks like spaghetti and you can put tomato sauce or anything you want and it is really delicous. So there are also other kinds of pasta alternatives, like quinao/g pasta, corn pasta, rice pasta and they are all fine but because they are gluten free doesn't mean they are healthy.

They can be okay in moderation but they are full of starch and they are full of sugar. So you can have them but they are not a free food.