What Is Contrast Hydrotherapy?

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There are many different forms of hydrotherapy. Contrast hydrotherapy means that using hot and cold temperature water, to help promote healing. And the mechanism of this is, hot expands and relaxes blood vessels and cold constricts the blood vessels. And so as the blood vessel open, close open, close or expand contract, it acts like a pump.

Your body normally will do that anyway as the heart pumps and the blood vessel respond, but what we're doing is we're adding a little pump to the effected area that you're treating it with hydrotherapy in order to increase circulation, so in case of sprung ankle, or wrist, or knee what happens is that, blood will pool up and the swelling will occur and there's pain.

Pain will then prevent you from using it and that will make things worse because you really need circulation, the correct way of using Contrast Hydrotherapy is to wait about a day or two after your initial injury, you should use ice first to control swelling, then you want to introduce blood flow for healing and so what you want to do is you want to tip your extremities or whatever you're trying to treat into hot water first for one minute and then switch over to ice for two minutes and alternate this for about three times each up to about 10 minutes, and the impact of this is that you will begin to notice that the area that you are treating it, it will begin to get better circulation, the swelling will start to go down and it will speed up the healing process advance.