In Chinese Face Reading, Which Areas of the Face Indicate Health Issues?

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So, there are zones in your face that we look for. There is mainly the chin, the cheeks, the nose, the forehead, and the ears. And so let's begin from the top down. Let's look at your forehead. So the forehead corresponds to your cardiovascular system. So, a lot time if you have sort of heart disease, we can actually see a little change here, we look for these blue, greenish hue, darkness, grey appearing above your the bridge of your nose right in the forehead area.

And when we see that it [xx] as doctors, and so what I do with all of our patients who come to our office in Douanes in Southern California, we put them through a whole traditional trans-medical assessment which includes face reading. And so, if we see that, in fact it's just last week I saw with that, and then I collaborate it with a crease in the earlobe.

So, immediately I send the patient off to get an ultrasound of the carotid artery. So, you have these two pipes that go up into your brain. And if you have prat build up in your carotid artery, chances are you have prat somewhere else in your body, perhaps your heart or other parts.

And so this particular patient after I got the results back, it confirmed that, in fact that he had more prat in his artery than he really should at his age. And so I send them off for a heart work up. And so that's the really understanding and recognizing the patterns on your face, and then we go down and we look at their chics.

So, right left chics are different, the right chic corresponds to respiratory and digestive systems, the left chic corresponds to your liver gall bladder area, and then you have your nose which very specifically relates to your stomach, and then finally you'd chin, and all around your mouth really corresponds to your hormonal system, sexual system, reproductive systems.

And so, if you have any like I said, blemishes, acne, discoloration, texture change, coloration, that all indicates, something is going on in that part of your body, and you should then pay attention. You should say, okay how I'm I feeling? I'm I feeling correspondingly in different parts of my body, problem symptoms and that could then get you lets say to go for a check up with your internist or simply making some changes nutritionally, or other things you can do and help yourself.

And therefore resolve whatever the issues that were on setting.