What Are Some Time-Saving Essentials for Cooking Healthy Meals?

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Okay, if you want to save time and then save some calories and fat, you should keep a whole bunch of stuff in your pantry that you could just turn to whenever you need it. One of my favorite items seasoning packets, taco seasoning, ranch seasoning, even onion soup mix great stuff, you just need a little bit it goes a long way, and if you mix ranch seasoning with like a low fat Greek yogurt or a low fat male, or a low fat sour cream, you can make a dip that's out of this world, not a lot of calories but it has tones of flavor.

Another one of my pantry essentials, caned fruits and veggies, a lot of people used to say that caned fruits and veggies don't have as much nutritious values, as the fresh stuff, but they are learning that's not the case. So, keep cancer fruits and veggies in you pantry. You want to look for fruit that's packed in so own juice, not in heavy syrup.

And you want to look for veggies that packed in water, not oil. Let's keep another pantry essential, on the milk unsweetened, shelf-stable, boxed Omni milk. One of my favorites, because, not only does it last a long time, it's so delicious and it has half the calories, the skimmed milk, it's creamy, it is great in cereals, and oatmeal and smoothies.

Again, it's shelf-stable so it lasts a long time and that's half the calories for skimmed milk. Another pantry staple, canned crushed tomatoes. They too come in a can, it's tomato sauce swoop, you don't have to worry about having sugary or oily melanara[sp?] or pizza sauce, canned crushed tomatoes, sate sodium, low in calories, last for a really long time in the pantry, it's really a no brainer.

And finally, hot cocoa packets, another one of my pantry essentials. 20-25 calories you want to look for the sugar free kind, not just great for hot cocoa, you can use them for baking, for smoothies, for cocktails, it's a way to boost that chocolate flavor for not a lot of calories or fat.