What Is Vestibulodynia?

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Vestibulodynia is sometimes known as the burning vulva syndrome. This is a very very unpleasant condition in which the opening to the vagina is extremely painful, it's almost like having not only too many nerve endings, but nerve endings that are too sensitive and not in a good way, women describe this sensation as burning, tearing, itching, even sometimes a ripping sensation.

Women that have had vestibulodynia not only are not able to have intercourse because it's too painful, but anything that causes pressure can be a problem. Some women can't wear tight jeans, they can't sit, they can't even insert a tampon. Most women that take birth control pills have no problems at all, but there are small group of women that when they take a birth control pill it may actually cause vestibulodynia and the reason is testosterone.

Every woman who uses birth control pills have a lower level testosterone and their body is okay with that, but there are certain women, a small percentage of women, that the have testosterone receptors that are not really working quite right, so that when they take the birth control pill their testosterone levels are even lower and in order to have healthy vaginal tissue, you need to have adequate amounts of not only estrogen but testosterone as well.

So if you're taking a low dose pill and you're a young woman who's suddenly having vaginal pain and the inability to have intercourse your pill may be the culprit,.