What Is Urinary Splaying?

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Urinary splaying is when a woman urinates, and instead of the urine coming out in a straight stream, it just splatters everywhere, and this is another problem that's more common than you think. Generally, it's from something that's not serious. It can be even a woman who has extra long labia, which is perfectly normal, but as the urine comes out it can hit the labia and spray every place.

The easy way to know if your labia is the culprit, is simply take your fingers, separate your labia, and if your stream is straight, that's what causing it. If your stream is still splaying, it's probably best to check out with your doctor to make sure there's not something else obstructing your urine.

If your labia are the problem, the quick easy way to solve the problem is to simply separate your labia using your fingers. Another trick that works for some women is to sit on the toilet backwards. What this does, is it separates the labia, and redirects the stream. Some women though find that they really want a more permanent fix, and then we do a surgical procedure called a Labiaplasty.

This is an outpatient procedure where we trim the labia, so that they're no longer getting in the way.