What Are Some Home Remedies Using Neem?

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One of my favorite ways to use neem is just as a bath tub pack. So you can get some neem powder or some neem leaves and put them in a little piece of cloth and drop it into a tub full of hot water and just soak in it for a few moments. This is wonderful for a systemic skin conditions like rashes, or eczema or psoriasis, and you just have to soak in it for a few moments and you're done.

Another great way to use neem is just get the neem leaves themselves and you can just grind this down and make a paste out of it. If you have access to some clay you can add it in but you don't even need the clay necessarily, you can shed a little bit of water and place it unto your skin.

This is actually the way they did it traditionally in India and I grew up with stories of my mum using neem packs all over the body to cure different types of skin issues and they would just go into the back yard, get the leaves, crush them up and put them on the body. This isn't necessarily a home remedy but it is extremely easy to use.

All you have to do is purchase a little bit of neem oil and just rub it into any area of the skin that is sensitive 2-3 times a day. This is phenomenal for treating very difficult to treat skin conditions like psoriasis. Just rub it right in and over a period of six weeks you'll notice 90% improvement.