What Are Neem Supplements?

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Neem is one of my all time favorite herbs for the skin, because it really fights the problem at it's root. I mean what doesn't Neem do for the skin? It helps to fight surface bacteria, it gets rid of the toxins that accumulate in the digestive system specifically the liver, the blood as well as the colon and it helps get rid of any parasitic infections or bacterial overgrowth that can be the source of toxins that ultimately lead to skin eruptions.

Neem is also a natural anti-inflammatory and we know inflammation is kind of a common final pathway for why we age and why we develop disease. So here is a herb that fights skin problems on every single level, at the source as well as on the surface. There's lots of different ways to take Neem, you can take it as topical agent such as as a face wash, a face mask or in face lotions.

My all time favorite way to take it though is a supplement because it is by far the most powerful way to get rid of the toxins that lead to skin problems, chronic skin problems. So I typically recommend that people do a Neem detox every single year in the spring time and doses very and it's best to work with a health practitioner to come up with the ideal dose but once a year a Neem detox is going to help your skin look beautiful for the rest of the year.