How Can Vastu Shastra Benefit My Health?

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[BLANK-AUDIO] So Vastu Shastra can benefit your health by balancing the five elements in your home which are also the same five elements that you can find in your body. So looking at the different corners in the house so the North West corner which is the corner that represents the element air is also represented in the body in the nervous system in the mind.

So doing changes to the North West corner such as adding wind chimes or having pictures of the sky helps to balance that element and can therefore impact that particular aspect of your body. Moving on to another part of the house, the North East corner is the water element so in the body that's represented by the reproductive system, the urinary track and the lymphatic system and it's all about removing obstacles to your health and allowing for normal growth of tissue.

And so that corner is particularly important for bringing in prosperity and growth in your life. Then the South East corner is represented by the element of fire, and in aerobic/g medicine fire is extremely important for health because it represents your diet digestion and digestion has a huge impact on your fatigue level or your energy level.

And so for Vastu you would add things to increase the fire energy in that particular corner, so having something like a salt lamp, or lighting candles increasing the fire element. Then moving to the final corner of the house would be the south west corner, and this is the earth element.

So in the body things like lower back pain or constipation are often times linked to an imbalance in the earth element. So adding things that have pictures of earth, or mountains would be helpful also using some colors that are earth tones or actually putting plants in that corner.

And the final area in Vastu is the centre of the home which actually represents the space element and there are several things that you can do, but even just keeping that area open and free of clutter is significant from Vastu standpoint. The way that I look at the space element in the body is kind of the role of consciousness so it's the things that help us to feel connected to others and the way that our emotions flow.