What Foods Are Rich In Vitamin D?

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One of the best food sources of vitamin D is mushroom, and specifically Portobello mushroom are really fantastic source of Vitamin D, and you can look for dole portobello mushrooms in the store. These Portobello mushrooms have actually been grown in UV light, and only one cup or about two mushrooms supplies a 100% of the government's daily recommendations for vitamin D.

Other mushrooms are also good sources. White button mushrooms are pretty common, they're not as high as Portobello, but they have some Vitamin D. The other great mushroom is Maitake mushroom, also known as hen of the woods, and they sort of longer mushroom with a ferl tops and they are also excellent source of vitamin D.

There are some other source of vitamin D are fortified milks, even almond milk today serving has about 25% of your daily recommendation of vitamin D. Eating goat cheese, the milk which has been fortified with vitamin D and you can also get it in certain cheeses and milks. Almond milk is really great one that I recommend because it's really easy to digest for most people.