When Should I Talk to My Doctor About My Flu Symptoms?

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So you should call your doctor if you have flu symptoms. If you are someone who falls into the category of having a higher risk for complications of the flu and I address this in another question that you can check out on this website. If you don't have one of those complications and you're a healthy person who is not pregnant, then believe it or not, you don't need to call your doctor.

You can just stay at home, get rest, drink lots of chicken soup and wait out those few miserable days. Now there is an option for the flu, it's a medication that can be taken within the first 48 hours and it will shorten the duration of your flu symptoms by about a day, so it's not a dramatic reduction in the duration of your symptoms, but it's something.

So if you do get flu symptoms and you want that treatment, you do have to call your doctor within 48 hours because it has to be given within that time frame.