What Are the Natural Food Sources of Vitamin D?

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There are so many natural foods, sources of vitamin D but many of them are fortified. So let's just go through breakfast, for example, there are vitamin D fortified eggs that you can have with vitamin D fortified toast, or if you're not an egg person, there is vitamin D fortified cereals that you can have with milk and a glass of fortified orange juice and that gives you 300 unit a day of your 600 unit requirement of Vitamin D.

Now, another option for you is during lunch. Salmon is a rich source of vitamin D and if you have that in a salad with a side of yoghurt that also going to provide ample vitamin D for your day. Other options interestingly are mushrooms. Mushrooms are a great for source of D and they are even some that are specially treated with light that aims up the dose even higher and it will say it on the package so you can toss that into your fries or in stews or even is pasta and these are just some example of great ways to get vitamin D in your diet and for other examples you can go to vitamindiet.com and there is a book that I've contributed to that will give you great vitamin D rich.