Why Should I Avoid Foods Made with White Flour?

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There is so much to this, but the basic reason is because when you eat things with white flour, their nutrient void so even when they try to put nutrients back into the flour to enrich them, it doesn't work, your body it just doesn't absorb them in the same way. So what this does it creats nutrient deficiency, nutrient deficiency is a big problem because this leaves an open door to every modern day disease out there.

You want to keep nutrients flooded in the body, it's one of the biggest keys to looking and feeling your best. So white flour also creates all kind of trouble with what I call the sugar demon, and what this means is when you're eating things like white flour it creats insulin release.

Now we need insulin for survival, we need it to be well, but too much insulin flooding around is trouble because insulin lays down fat and not only that, it creates all kind of blood sugar problems. This is a predisposition to everything from diabetes, to all kinds of problems with your heart, inflammation the body, all bad news.

So one of the best things that you can do is keep your blood sugar regulated. This makes you feel like you're in the zone everyday, and eating these white flours, these white breads they won't get you there.