What Are the Most Important Advances in Cancer Treatment?

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In terms of important advances in cancer treatment that I'm most excited about I will say there are three: The first is the field of epigenetics that is the study of how our behaviors can impact our genetic expression, so what we eat and even what we think or how we act can turn our genes on and off and this includes ankle genes which are cancer genes, so it's really exciting to know our genes are not necessarily our destiny and that we have some control so even if you have for example the broccoGen for breast cancer there maybe worth learning but there maybe be some behaviors that you can change in order to turn that gene off very excited about the field of the field of epigenetics, the second field of cancer research that I'm really excited about is psychoneuroimmunology which is a field of science that studies the interaction between our minds our brain and our immune systems, and what I love about this is that it's really studying the mind-body connection, so that learning that different ways of thinking in habitual patterns, so taking time to laugh everyday versus making yourself stressed all day long even five minutes of laughter.

We, re learning greatly impact your immune system, like increasing the number of white blood cell's, and increasing the number of natural killer cell's. So secondary immunology is a field that I'm really watching carefully, and the third field that I'm very excited about in terms of cancer research is the vaccine field, so there's a lot of different third stage trials going on right now, looking for the cancer vaccine, and that's because your immune system actually always had to take care of cancer cells, if it knows that the cancer cells are there.

The cancer cells are very good at hiding in your body, they put up the chemical mask, so if I have a very strong immune the system but it just worked right with that cancer, because cancer is putting up a chemical mask. So with the vaccine therapy, what we are doing, is we are trying to wake up the new system to sort of look under rock and realize that there is cancer there and to take care of it, and the vaccines are what are teaching the body how to do this.