How Does Greek Yogurt Compare to Regular Yogurt?

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I'm a huge fan of Greek yogurt and I say that's one of the most common questions I get asked. Greek yogurt actually uses three times the milk of regular yogurt, and if it is authenticly strange, it takes a couple of days where they let the way the liquid portion drain out, and what leaves you with is this rich and creamy yogurt that's almost take into the sour cream in terms of the mouth feel but it actually can have zero fat.

So Greek yogurt is a wonderful tool you can use if you want that rich creamy taste but none of the added fat. Greek yogurt is also because of using three times the milk twice as high in protein as regular yogurt. So for people who are looking for maybe a high protein snack that's still within a good calorie count Greek yogurt is fabulous, and lastly Greek yogurt is much lower because of all that straining it tends to be much lower in lactose.

So I have found with my clients who are lactose intolerant, Greek yogurt might be the one thing they can eat that actually agrees with them beautifully because most of the lactose is gone.