What Herbal Remedies Can Treat Indigestion?

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So there are other herbal remedies that you can use for indigestion. I usually will have patients use things like peppermint, aloe is also a great option, but one thing that isn't a supplement per se but rather is a natural way of looking at indigestion is you want to go get food sensitivity testing done.

So there are certain foods that really bother us as an individual and again I'm a big proponent of not just giving you supplements to help with symptoms but really removing the root of the problem and to finding out the foods that trigger you are probably the most important thing to do, that a lot of times with my patients in my clinic we get rid of their food triggers, they don't really need much else for their gut symptoms because it goes away.

Having said all that with the food testing and the supplements again, I do obviously recommend food testing and removing food triggers so that your indigestion is better, but my favorite indigestion supplement these days is definitely the DGL, which is Deglycyrrhizinated licorice because again it's that treating multiple medical issues with one supplement, which is trying to treat fatigue, as well as supporting your adrenals and endocrine system, and then helping with your gut symptoms all at once.

That's definitely something that you want to look for in a supplement, is to treat multiple things if you can.