Is It Better to Take a Probiotic Pill or Live Culture Yogurt?

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A lot of my patients ask whether Probiotics are better in a pill form or whether they should just get it in their yogurt version. In my opinion, I am very much a fundamentalist. I generally like for your nutrients to come from food form, but in this specific situation, I recommend Probiotics in the pill form, and there's a couple reasons.

One of the reasons is that you can then pick which specific strains that you are supposed to get, so that you can be specific about that, to target your health goals. The other thing is then you can get the dosage right up to the treatment dosage that were seen in the study to help with the specific health goals that you are trying to achieve.

And you could just take it once a day and be done with it so there's not having to eat yogurts throughout day. One of my biggest pet peeves are patients who are dairy sensitive or animal dairy sensitive or casein sensitive and they force themselves to eat a lot of yogurt just for the Probiotics.

Well the problem is now you're causing a lot of gut issues. When you can just take the pill form and get the Probiotics that way without causing side effects. And some of my patients who really hate the taste of plain yogurt don't just eat the really fruity version of the yogurt and then they cause sugar issues, so if you don't want to have that sit down talk with your doctor about why your sugars are going up, it's quite easier to just pick it in the pill form.

Because then you can definitely target the bugs that you want, you get the dosage that you want, and you sized up all the potential side effects.