Can I Take Probiotics If I Am Pregnant or Breastfeeding?

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A lot of my patients ask me whether it's okay to take probiotics if they are breastfeeding or they are pregnant, my first thing I always say to them is whatever you want to take as far as supplements or medications go, make sure your obstetrician is aware because that's the safest is to keep everyone in the loop, but in general probiotics are good idea for pregnancy and for breast feeding, primarily because that helps with immune function of the babies, so it would help in food allergies, exema and your own allergic symptoms that keep in your system calm while your pregnant and afterwards when your breastfeeding so in general it is a good idea but with very specific as you need to make sure you get the bugs that are more benign or they are much more easy going and not having a potential for them to overgrow, because during that time period you don't want to be taking the really aggressive good bugs because you don't want that to overgrow in yourself or in the baby.

So they're certain ones to watch out for and you need to make sure that you clear those with your obstetrician, so general role for safety wise is to clear all your probiotics with your obstetrician and all your paediatrician once you've given birth but in general they're.