How Can I Change My Eating Habits If I Am a Compulsive Overeater?

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Hi, this is Dr. Judi Hollis. Thanks for your question, how can I change my eating habits if I'm a compulsive overeater? Well, as I've said in other talks we do try to limit our sugar and refined carbohydrates, not forever, not for a lifetime, but basically to see what a big play they have in our lives and how they do affect us, and to see how difficult it is to get off of them.

That doesn't mean that you might not have them from time to time, but you'll develop an acquaintance with withdrawals and you'll know how hard it is. So if you decide to eat these things you'll maybe ask again, a few times, is it going to be worth it? Sometimes it may be, sometimes it isn't.

But even though I would say that certain substance to limit, what's more important is that you try to become more public in your eating. Most of us who have food obsessions are very private secret eaters, so the first thing to do when you're getting involved in any kind of a recovery program if you get completely honest about your food.

You first get honest about what's in your plate and then that will generate to other areas of your life. You'll get to see how honest you are. If you're committed to yourself and someone else that you are going to have two cups of salad if you start jamming that salad into that cup, just smash it down.

I have a mound of salad, even though it's salad it's dishonest eating, and that dishonesty gets to us and we end up punishing ourselves for not being straight about it. So going public often means having one person in the Overeaters Anonymous program they call that your sponsor.

Having that one person that you are honest with about your eating behavior. And that could be that you tell them the day before in advance how you're going to eat or you tell them the day after, what your eating looked like yesterday, but you stay rigorously honest. Going public that person's job is to witness your commitment to yourself.

They're not your judging jury and they're not your nutritionist outlining the proper food plan. They are your witness, like Marvin Gaye sang in his song, Can I Get a Witness. That is the most important thing you can do to start changing your eating behavior.