What Are Some Grilling Safety Tips?

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Hi Dad, how's it going? Hi, Joy. I just put the steaks on the grill, and I cleaned it up before I put the steaks on and they're ready to go. Fantastic. I'm Dr. Joy Dubost, registered dietician and spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association, and I have the number one grill master here, my father, and we're going to demonstrate how to cook great steaks mouth watering, juicy steaks that are safe to eat, that's the number one word there, safe.

So as my dad said, we took the steaks down and we put them on a plate, and we kept them separate. Now when we pull them off we're going to use a clean plate so that we're ensuring we're not cross-contaminating. Maybe we should flip those steaks see how they're doing. Alright, Joy. Look at that! The other thing you want to do when grilling is ensure that you're using a meat thermometer.

Just because the juices run clear, or it looks like it's OK and it's cooked, like this side looks cooked it may not be cooked to the proper temperature. You want to make sure that you're cooking to at least 145° F, that's the center of the meat. So I'm going to demonstrate that here with this thermometer.

You're going to take the thermometer, insert it into the thickest part of meat, in the center and let the thermometer read. And once it hits at least 145, then those are good to pull off. So I think we're going to have a great meal, what do you think Dad? I believe we are, and these steaks are going to be mouth watering and they're going to be safe to eat.

You bet! So if you want more tips on all of this, I will encourage you to go to www. homefoodsafty.com, you can learn how to [xx] properly as well make sure that all your food that you serve is safe and delicious, thanks to joining us.