What Are the Health Benefits of Eating Adzuki Beans?

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Adzuki beans are my favorite beans. All beans are great for you. Beans are full of resistant starch, but Adzuki beans are little tiny red beans that are full of fibers, and soluble fibres, full of resistant starch and make you feel filled up. They digest very slowly, they cook easily they disperse the flavor to the dish, they taste really good.

The point is, is that beans are a dieters best friend. They make you feel full, but the calories are not all biologically available to the body. So the calories pass right through you because the resistance starch is resistant to the breaking down by digestive enzymes so that so the body can't get the calories out of it.

The other carbohydrates in beans are called slowly digestible starches. Slowly digestible so they fizz into your body very slowly so it keeps you not hungry for a long time. Prevents you from overeating and of course that makes you not be hungry for hours and hours and hours. The point is that beans are a great food to make your lose weight, probably the best carbohydrate source in your diet.