What Are the Natural Alternatives to Statins?

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Well I believe it's important to treat the foundational cause of why someone's cholesterol ratios are distorted and I believe that one of the foundational issues is that you hear a person had insulin and leptin resistance and this is largely the result of following this low fat approach which has most Americans consuming about 50% of is carbohydrates.

I recommend that people cut that in half some where between 20 and 30%. And when they cut those carbohydrates out they really focus primarily on using carbohydrates from vegetables and excluding the sugars and the grains and they replace that with healthy fats, nut fats from omega-6 based fats which are full of genetically engineered spoils such as coconut not coconut.

Soy corn and canola because these will upset the very delicate omega-6 to omega-3 ratios. But healthy fats such s avocados and coconut oil and nuts and butter and eggs. These are, let me sound kind of counter-inituitive, but what happens when you replace these fats, it actually improves insulin and leptin resistance because you don't need insulin to digest these fats.

So it's a very profound and effective and simple strategy and of course you want to use all other approaches such as exercise and I like high intensity exercises specifically. So that's a useful approach and making sure you're doing that, the combination seems to be effective at optimizing cholesterol ratio patterns for most people.