Is It Safe to Wear a Panty Liner Every Day?

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Panty liner usage, is it safe to use everyday? I have a lot of patients who come to me and quite frequently they say I wear panty liner every day, is that safe? It's not the fact that you wear a panty liner everyday, there are some women who have heavier vaginal discharge which is normal, there are women who have irregular spotting, there are women who have urinary incontinence.

So these are reasons that you do want to wear a panty liner. So the real issue becomes how often do you change that panty liner, and are you giving your pelvis and your vagina a moment to breath and you really want to keep that area dry. This is where bacteria and fungus likes to thrive, they like to grow in areas that have a lot of moisture.

So if you're not keeping that area dry, this is going to increase your risk of having vaginal infections, irritation, and we all know you don't want that, so keys are to, if you're going to use a panty liner everyday, you're going to change that every four hours or less and also keep that area dry.