How Do Medications Help Control Asthma?

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There are many medications out there that can really help asthma symptoms. Many of these medications are in the form of an inhaler, or an inhaler solution, but there are some medications that do come in pill form as well. We often think about these medications in two categories we have the long acting medications and then we have the short or quick acting medications.

One of the big goals, actually two of the big goals with dealing with asthma symptoms is we want to lower the inflammation that's in the lungs, and also decrease the amount of constriction that the lungs do, the tightness in other words that can happen with asthma attacks and flare ups. So I want you to think about the long acting medications, these are really preventive medications, people take long active medications usually on a daily basis to prevent asthma symptoms from coming on in the first pace.

To keep you healthy, to keep you able to do the things you love to do and live your life asthma free. We then also have the short acting medications. These are often called rescue medications because they do just that, they will rescue you from asthma flare ups symptoms, so if there's onset of wheezing, or coughing, or tightness, you can take your quick acting medication to help resolve the symptoms, that's using an asthma medication. So for many people who have asthma there's often a combination of one or both of these medication that will help you control your asthma symptoms.