What Could Be Causing My Inability to Ejaculate?

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Some of the more common problems that men have related to ejaculation. Men, a lot of them have premature ejaculation, we all know about that, when men ejaculates too quickly usually within one or two minutes from penetration, but some men just cant ejaculate during sex, and it is huge relationship, killer, turns out women are not too pleased when a man can not ejaculate, in fact they tend to blame themselves not realizing it's the man's problem.

Now what could be causing a delay to ejaculation for men? Turns out a lot of anti-depressive medication that men use. Those medication we actually use for premature ejaculation but some men it acts too much and they just cannot ejaculate. The other thing that causes a delayed ejaculation is pornography.

Now how is that possible? Well, men watch a lot of of pornography. When they watch pornography guess what? They self stimulate and when you self stimulate, and what I mean is masturbation, they tend to be very good in masturbation and then they sensitize themselves to a certain way of ejaculating, that is not mimic during sex.

So that is a huge problem, and I think pornography really, with self stimulation, is hurting American relationships.