How Do I Protect Myself from Prostate Cancer, but Avoid Unneeded Treatment?

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Prostate cancer is one of the most common men's cancers that exist. In fact it's very similar to breast cancer and while we know about breast cancer because we see all the different groups advocating for awareness we don't see too much of that from men. So one of the things that's very important to know is are you at risk of getting prostate cancer? Well, if one of your family members died of prostrate cancer, that is your brother or your father, you must get checked early also from African and American males it turns out that prostrate cancer in African American males can be more serious and more of a consequence and lead to aggressive forms of prostate cancer, so there are certain risk factors for prostate cancer and you have to be aware of that but in general you need to go see a doctor and ask to make sure that they examine your prostate, a lot of doctors forget to do that, you cannot forget to get a rectal exam which is a simple five second test to evaluate whether the prostate has any lumps or bumps that may be suspicious for prostate cancer.

Then the other thing is we do have a test called the PSA test, prostate specific antigen, that's something that's controversial and we're not sure it's the perfect sort of test for prostate cancer, but talk to your doctor about getting that test, certainly if you're at a higher risk of getting prostate cancer I do recommend the PSA test early on but please talk to your doctor about it or whether it's appropriate for you.