What Are the Nutritional Benefits of Eating Barley?

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Barley is a whole grain and while it's not super super popular, it should be because its really good for you. In addition to having resistance starch on it, and fibre, it also does wonders for your blood sugar. So it will pick your blood sugar up and help you feel better, but it'll also keep it steady for hours.

So, I recommend that people because it does take a while, the cooker takes about 40 minutes to cook. So make a big batch of it and you can have it for the whole week, and I like to fry an egg and top my cup of Barley with that, and then put a little [xx] hot sauce on top or whatever hot sauce you like.

The reason why I make a big batch of the Barley is because you can actually eat it sweet or savory. So you can have it for breakfast with a little milk, a little cinnamon, a little made syrup or you can go savory with it and serve it with some [xx] and chicken. However you're going to do it? But it's a super versatile grain.