How Is Reconnective Healing Performed?

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Re-connective healing is a hands off form of healing. If you were going to receive a reconnective healing session, you would find a practitioner in your area, you would make an appointment to see them for example you'd probably take off your shoes and lie comfortably on your back maybe on a massage table.

The practitioner would come in with their hands, they would begin to access this more comprehensive field of healing energy lighted information, you might feel various different sensations in your bodies, pushing, pulling, tangling warmth, coolness, wetness, dryness, you might hear sounds, you might smell fragrances of flowers you have never smelled before or see colors you've never seen before you feel wonderful sensations vibratory within your body, your heart wave changes, your brain wave changes, your energy emissions change even the life emanating from you DNA vibrates at a higher more coherent level, and somehow this return to a state of balance, allows your imbalances to vibrate out of the system, allows you in essence to have the healing that is most appropriate for you.

It might not be the healing you anticipate, it's the one that smells appropriate for you in your life course, so as I often say, if you're fortunate, you'll have the healing you kind of looking for, if you're truly fortunate, you'll have a healing you haven't even dreamed of, whether the universe has designs specifically for you.