What Are the Key Principles of "You" Parenting?

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Now Ellen, what are the key principles of parenting that you should know? We're going to introduce you to a few high altitude thoughts about parenting where current themes that, well perhaps not in front and center everyday, shouldn't be on your radar screen as you undertake your greatest job in the world.

We'll call them the, You Parenting Principles, if you will. In life there are three different kinds of problems the simple kind, like baking a cake where you follow a recipe, the complicated kind, like sending a rocket to the moon, where you use lots of teams to overcome the many challenges, but once you've succeeded, you know how to do it again in the future.

And the complex kind of problem like raising a child it's always a moving target with innumerable nuances and factors that make every situation different. We're going to talk about the importance of being a strong role model because children really live what they learn and do as I say not as I do, doesn't work so well for average parenting model.

And we are going to help here move to the middle so that you are not doing extreme parenting on either end.We're going to help you recognize when you are being a marshmallow mummy or a pudding pop and how not to become a family tyrant either, because we know that kids grow and learn best in that middle road where you're a flexible family where you have loving limits that don't bend so much and give so much that the kid has no rules and guidelines with which to follow.

We'll help you find that middle path, where your love will provide them room to grow and explore. It's kind of like when your child learns to walk, you want to have a safe space to try without the sharp corners or scary items on which they could fall and hurt themselves, but have the child be able to reach safely towards you taking those steps independently, but with you providing the safe arms and safety net to catch him just as he falls and cheer on his successes.