How Can I Prevent Diaper Rash?

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One thing that breastfeeding does it causes more pooping than formula feeding. That's usually a good thing, but if there's a whole lot of pooping going on and if it's Summer time your child likes to sit in the sandbox and sweat, there is a good chance that your baby's tush is going to end up redder than a skinned lobster you've lots of options for taking the hurt away.

Dr. Rome? You can use your favorite tush ointment for instsnce since Cleveland Clinic has it's own TCF butt paste, there's also AND, there's Pink Fab, Decatone, whichever one is your favorite one. And you can let it air out so for instance leave a diaper off, when you can, another of our tips, You don't want to do that in a bed that's uncovered? Exactly, but if you have a toddler and they're running around and it's summer, a nice weather.

It's a fair game to have a little air exposure there as long as you're socially appropriate in context.