How Is Witch Hazel Used to Treat Skin?

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Witch Hazel can be used in many ways to treat skin, and it really is nature's best bargain. Witch Hazel has an astringent in it, kind of like alcohol, so what it does is, it shrinks things down. It can shrink down the puffy bags under the eyes, constricting the blood vessel, we call that vesoconstriction.

It can actually help the dark circles look better too for the same reason, when you constrict the blood vessels there's less of that maroon color under the skin. It can clean your skin, so a lot of people use Witch Hazel for acne or rosacea. A lot of people use Witch Hazel after shaving, also to make the redness go away, because it is an anti-inflammatory. And lastly, it's an antioxidant.

So all these things make Witch Hazel a wonderful way to rev up your rejuvenation, give your anti-ageing a good chance. Deep puff your eyes, get rid of some of the blemishes, and Witch Hazel comes in a little bit of an oil base, so unlike alcohol which will dry out your skin and irritate your skin if you use it too much, Witch Hazel seems to be a lot more tolerable to people, because it has that moisturization that can really lock it in. So try Witch Hazel next time for your all purpose anti-aging product.