How Can I Treat Brown Spots Myself?

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You can treat brown spots yourself at home with some very simple measures. First of all try not to make the brown spots. If your brown spot come from you popping your pimples and leaving brown stains on your skin, try stop popping, don't pop, don't pick. Also protect your skin so use your sunscreen every day, it's really going to help from getting the sunspots and also if you already have a little brown spot, you know it will get darker in the sun, so use your sun protection, so don't pick, don't pop and protect your skin.

If you want to reverse some brown spots that you have, you really need to think about things that help to protect your skin and also exfoliates, so you want to try something like cocoa butter that has some Vitamin E in it as well as some Vitamin A, which you know is retenoid, that will help exfoliate you got some antioxidants in it and also it will also moisturizes your skin so it can heal by itself.

You can look for products that have Vitamin C in them. If you want to try at home, you can make a little mask for yourself with some orange juice that's got your Vitamin C in it and a little bit of yogurt which is going to help with the lactic acid as well and also moisturize, so those two things of Vitamin C and the lactic acid will help peel away the brown spot and then the yogurt will then help heal you skin, so there's lots you can do.

You can prevent your brown spots but you can reverse them as well.