Why Is a Healthy Lifestyle Particularly Important for Adults with ADHD?

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Well, how you eat influences your brain profoundly, and in fact the old days we used to think dietary was the cause of ADHD. Well now we don't think that so much but it's certainly is a major way to help treat it. So stay away from junk food, stay away from sugar, stay away from additives, stay away from binging on carbohydrates, a gallon of ice cream at midnight that sort of thing.

The multiple M&Ms on your desk that you eat absently without even thinking about it. Watch out for self medicating with cabs, and instead try to stick with whole foods, try to stick with grains, the advice you already know about but it is tremendously important. Make sure you have protein in your breakfast so your blood sugar doesn't yoyo.

Take a supplement of fish oil omega 3 fatty acids, or if you're vegan you can use Spirulina or super blue green algae, vitamin D is also important vitamin C is important and you'll find simple nutrition interventions like these can make a big difference, not only in your ADHD symptoms, but in your sense of well being in general.