How Can I Stop Making Facial Expressions That Cause Wrinkles?

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It's very natural to make facial expressions and what's so cool about the muscles of the face that make those expressions is that they're attached to the skin and that's how you make the expressions. In other areas, the muscles may be attached to bone or tendons or ligaments, but in the face they are attached to the skin so you can smile, talk, frown and show expression, but there's a line that people cross between being expressive and being what I call pathologic, meaning being over expressive in a way that you're not intending.

So people who sit there and they furrow their brows all the time, to show that they're thinking or listening or engaged, they can show those same emotions without making that face. I have a very cool fun facial exercise that you can try, and see if it helps you as well, it's not easy to do, but it's using a muscle that you can have control over, and it goes like this, if you watch my ears, see how they move back and there's two things about that, one is that lifts the whole face, it improves your facial posture meaning it opens up and lifts and widens and the other thing is, that the laws of physics say, you can only move in one direction at a time.

So if I'm moving this way, or even thinking about moving this way, chances are, I'm not furrowing my brows. And that alone is a positive advancement. Sometimes we have tools in our little magical dermatology tool box, that can help us as well. I mentioned Botox and that's, one of my most favorite, most powerful, safest tools when used properly, and it's safety approved for the 11's and the Cross Peak.

And when you do it for the 11's, it's your constant reminder to stop making that face. And sometimes people walk in, they're frowning at me the whole time they're there, but then when I ask them to frown on purpose, they can't do it so they're frowning just by expressing but, they're not even aware or in control of that expression.

So I need to back them off that. And I think a botox as training wills, to help remind them and make them aware they'll have some resistance to that expression they can learn to use other more positive expressions and they'll actually feel happier because that's a negative emotion even if you're not intending it in a negative way.

So there is lots you can do from facial exercises, to creams, to products, to pigments in the doctor's office to look your very best, and look natural.