Why Is Protein Important for My Brain?

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You really want to make sure you're getting adequate amounts of good protein, complete protein. Protein as you know is broken down in your body to what are called Amino Acids. These are the building blocks of protein but importantly these amino acids are also the building blocks of what we call Neuro-chemicals, the chemicals that the brain uses, the coin of mental [INAUDIBLE] if you will.

So you need to have a rich array of these amino acids to assemble these neuro-transmitters. The brain is constructed to a small degree of protein although it's mostly fat and in that regard, it's very important as well. So again it's important to understand that we want to relegate the meat dish to being the side dish, that we don't want to have an over abundance of protein in the diet.

Somewhere around 80 grams of protein a day is generally enough for most adults, when you really load up on alot of protein and it's broken down as you would understand in your physiology to amino acids there can be a tendency for Those amino acids to help your body produce glucose or sugar.

We call these Gluco-neo-genesis, the creation of glucose from amino acids. See you really don't want to overload your body with a lot of protein especially when you consider that most of the protein from animal sources if it's not grass fed beef beef, if it's not wild fish, can contain some contaminants that could be worse and the other thing you consider are a certain types of dairy products for example goat's cheese is a wonderful source of protein I like goat's cheese because it doesn't have the kind of [UNKNOWN] that some people are allergic to, check in if it's free range or pasture raised, a chicken a good source of protein as well, and again I think it's really important to understand that there is no alchemy that happens when you think that you are eating a product to get protein that was raised with foods that that are worrisome for example your standard cattle has been given mostly grains and fed Anti-Biotics 70% the anti-biotics used in America are used to fatten up avocado and make no mistake about that that Anti-Biotic ends up in the food so alchemy doesn't happen it's not as if magically the cattle are able to transform the garbage in into something wonderful out so you really have to push for grass fed beef and as a point grass fed beef has a little bit less fat, and therefore you want to cook it a little bit less than you might cook the standard beef you might get at the grocery store.