How Can Eating Gluten Affect the Health of My Brain?

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You know people think that we've always eaten gluten that it's always been part of the human diet, in reality that's not true. For more than 99% of our existence, we've been eating a gluten free diet that's been low on carbohydrates and high in fat. Therefore, gluten is actually a very foreign protein to human physiology.

The problem is that when you consume a protein that's foreign to our physiology, it turns on inflammation and inflammation is the cornerstone of virtually everything bad that you don't want to happen to your body and it really relates to brain issues as well. So there's been a lot of discussion over the years about so called Leaky Gut Syndrome, where the gut actually becomes permeable and things like bacteria and proteins and viruses etc, get through the gut wall and into the blood stream.

Well we now understand that the blood brain barrier which is this barrier that keeps things out of the brain can also become leaky and the scary part of that story is that that can be induced when you consume gluten and if you think having a leaky gut is an issue, think about the prospect of a leaky blood brain barrier.